About us

Leicestershire is home to a buoyant and resilient economy with a strong, vibrant and innovative business base, and a skilled and diverse population. Through the Digital Leicestershire Programme, our goal is to future-proof Leicestershire.

Why is this important?

Digital connectivity is now central to the day-to-day of our lives; we use the internet to access services such as banking and shopping. We use it to apply for jobs, work from home, grow our businesses, stay informed about what is happening in the world, and for social connection. We understand how crucial it is to have an accessible and reliable digital network for all residents, communities, businesses and public services. Through our Digital Leicestershire Programme, we aim to make our county a more attractive place to live, work and invest.

What we have delivered

Superfast Leicestershire was a project bringing superfast broadband to as many premises in Leicestershire as possible. Between 2013 and 2021 the project brought high-speed broadband, with a minimum download speed of at least 24Mbps, to more than 75,000 Leicestershire premises.

In addition to our commitment to extend superfast broadband, our contract with BT ensured all premises have access to at least 2Mbps.

Visit our Superfast Leicestershire section to found out more information on what the programme achieved.


You can use Ofcom’s broadband availability checker to find out what speeds are available to you.

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