Project Gigabit

Project Gigabit is the Government’s flagship £5 billion programme to enable hard-to-reach communities to access gigabit-capable broadband.  

It targets homes and businesses that are not included in broadband suppliers’ plans, reaching mostly rural and remote parts of the UK that might otherwise miss out on getting the digital connectivity they need. 

Building Digital UK (BDUK), an executive agency sponsored by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT), are responsible for the roll out of Project Gigabit. 

You can read more about Project Gigabit at Project Gigabit – GOV.UK

Project Gigabit in Leicestershire

Lot 11 (Leicestershire and Warwickshire)

BDUK announced Leicestershire’s inclusion in roll-out of Project Gigabit in ‘Lot 11’ along with Warwickshire. As a national programme each part of the country has been put into a ‘Lot’.

The Public Review for Project Gigabit in Leicestershire and Warwickshire ran from 17 June 2022 to 18 July 2022, and the indicative intervention area for the project was defined by BDUK.

The procurement for Lot 11 launched in June 2023 and closed in August 2023. In February 2024 the £71 million contract to deliver Project Gigabit in Leicestershire and Warwickshire was signed by CityFibre.

Leicestershire County Council are aware that approximately 14,500 premises have been contracted within Leicestershire with the potential for additional scope.

The build for Leicestershire and Warwickshire is expected to start in Summer 2024.

We will keep residents up to date with Project Gigabit developments where possible, however we recommend using CityFibre’s postcode checker, available on their website, to keep up to date with progress in your area. You can also keep up to date with BDUK’s updates at Project Gigabit quarterly updates – GOV.UK

Surrounding Lots

We are also aware that some of Leicestershire’s premises that are currently included in the project fall into other ‘Lot’ areas. This includes:

  • Lot 3 (Derbyshire), to be delivered by ConnectFibre
  • Lot 10 (Nottinghamshire & West Lincolnshire), to be delivered by Connexin

You can keep up to date with progress in these areas through the delivery suppliers’ websites.

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