Help to get online

As services become increasingly digital, there must be support in place for those who need it.

Leicestershire County Council is working with partners from the public, private and voluntary sectors to help people get online and use digital services.

Digital inclusion can make a significant difference to both residents and businesses.

For residents, this could mean:

  • Keeping in touch with family, friends and communities
  • Finding new opportunities, working from home, and learning new skills
  • Helping children to access resources and learn from home
  • Paying bills online and comparing prices
  • Accessing entertainment online

For businesses, this could mean:

  • Finding new ways of connecting with customers
  • Reducing operational costs and increasing productivity
  • Accessing a diverse and skilled workforce from across the globe
  • Ensuring business continuity and reliability

There are also broader, overarching benefits to digital inclusion which help to address wider social and economic issues such as:

  • Reducing social isolation
  • Mitigating the impact of climate change
  • Supporting economic growth

Social Tariffs

Social Tariffs are broadband and phone deals for people claiming government support.

Social Tariffs

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