Mobile services are at the core of how people stay in touch and access online services. Mobile infrastructure supports future connectivity, including 5G networks.

The four Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), BT EE, Three, VMO2 and Vodafone, each estimate they provide 4G outdoor coverage to 99%+ of premises in England. The rollout of 5G has continued at pace, with Ofcom reporting the level of coverage outside of premises in England by at least one MNO sat at around 70-81% in 2022.  (Connected Nations, 2022).

We do not have any direct funded projects underway for improving mobile coverage in Leicestershire. We are, however, working hard to better understand 4G and 5G coverage across the county and we are engaging with MNOs to understand their roll-out plans.

Help and advice

The MNOs Industry Body, Mobile UK, has put together some helpful information to explain some of the actions the industry is taking through the cost of living crisis, information on how to get into contact with each mobile operator, and some additional advice on their website.

You can use Ofcom’s mobile availability checker to view the best mobile phone coverage in your area.

Ofcom also has advice on how to improve your mobile phone signal indoors and how to set up Wifi calling.

Please contact the Digital Leicestershire team at for any queries relating to mobile coverage in Leicestershire.

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