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Superfast Leicestershire has worked with numerous schools over the programmes current life span. The current generation of school children will never remember a time that existed without access to the internet. As technology develops it is important that the future generations have a basic understanding of how the internet is delivered and engineered, alongside how to use it safely and responsibly.

Superfast Leicestershire work alongside Openreach engineers and the local police force to deliver a half day full of interesting and innovative educational workshops, covering how the internet is delivered, the life of an engineer, internet use, internet safety, and the once in a lifetime opportunity to have a go building their own broadband network.

The Superfast Leicestershire programme has developed two unique tools specifically for schools. The Superfast Leicestershire Broadband Cube [pictured right] is an interactive educational tool which allows children to build their own broadband networks, testing their reasoning skills, team work, and logical thinking.

The Cube is the perfect size for a group of 5-8 children to gather around and work in teams to build their broadband network and connect the village to the internet.

The Cube has since been developed into a smaller table top board-game version. Included with the board-game is the Boardgame instructions and a Boardgame guide for teachers which outlines lesson plans and curriculum references.

The board-game is great for teachers to use across subject matters and works perfectly without help from the Superfast Leicestershire.

The video below explains fully how the broadband network is built and helps students get the information they need to start thinking about how they’d build their own broadband network through the board-game.

Superfast Leicestershire & Openreach video

Superfast Leicestershire has worked with project delivery partners Openreach at their state of the art Fibre Street in Peterborough to create an educational video showing the complete journey of broadband, from exchange building to router, aimed at a Key Stage 2 audience.

This video is best played before the Cube or board-game is played as it gives students the knowledge of how fibre cables need to be laid and how they can be laid in real life, before they become the engineers themselves. 

The video is currently being edited and will be back online shortly. 


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