EnCircle Solutions Ltd, Loughborough

EnCircle Solutions Ltd are a software development and IT managed service provider, specialising in the Cloud and mobile app development, along with deploying and maintaining websites which automate business processes from admin to front line scheduling. Owner and Manager Darren Woods explains why working with this type of technology means that having a high-speed connection has been key.

What challenges did you have?

In the early days we just had two staff and everyday processes weren’t too bad, but as we grew, and
recruited more staff, we began experiencing problems. There were severe delays in loading web pages and sending/receiving emails. Communications are critical to any modern business and we were struggling to keep up.

Was it easy to upgrade?

As we work on an industrial estate we would often speak to other businesses. We found out that our
neighbouring business and a few other units already had fibre. Our unit was confirmed to have fibre available to connect and within 3 weeks BT had us connected and we were up and running.

What improvements have you seen?

Since upgrading our network, our staff are able to connect to Cloud applications from payroll, accounting, trouble ticketing, project planning, document collaboration, emails and shared calendars all at the same time. Uploading videos and streaming content is now smooth without any buffering or
delays. Supporting our customers via remote desktop connections has reduced our support overheads and our carbon footprint by enabling remote working over a secure VPN.

Any other advantages?

As VOIP phones now provide advanced PBX features such as hunt groups, email and call routing, a highspeed connection was a necessity. We have even been able to extend our key product
so that it is provided purely on the Cloud. People can sign up online and have a customised system deployed without us needing to go out and install software on their servers, at their premises. We can host the sites and maintain them remotely which reduces our overheads dramatically and allows us to compete with larger firms.


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