GP Access Ltd, Cossington

GP Access is a company with a simple vision – “to transform access to medical care”. Formed in 2011 in Cossington, Leicestershire, it grew from a community of over forty pioneering GP practices around England wanting to deliver a better way to provide access for patients to their GPs. Founder and Chief Executive Harry Longman explains how the move to Superfast Broadband has helped his business develop.

What were the challenges?

We help GP practices all over the country to transform their access to medical care through a bespoke programme meaning a secure connection is vital. Our broadband was about 6 Mbps before the upgrade. It worked OK, but it was often slow on uploads which made processes difficult for the business particularly as we handle large amounts of data.

What are your future plans?

Every month we are doing something different by trying to come up with innovative ways to engage with
our customers. With faster speeds and a more secure connection, we now have the opportunity to be more creative online and have the capacity to improve our customer relationships using faster broadband.

Was it difficult to upgrade?

I found out about the fibre broadband through a letter from Leicestershire County Council and decided to order the new service. It was an easy process; the box was delivered and the following day a man arrived to install it and he ensured it was working properly before he left.

How have things improved?

Since upgrading to fibre broadband everything is working a little faster which is great. Every bit
of efficiency helps and as we do a lot of video conferencing, the change in speed is very noticeable
and things have definitely improved.


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