HDP Medical Services, Coalville

Tell us about your business

Our core business is HDP Medical Services offering specialist courses, from basic first aid through to prehospital emergency care, alongside an online medical supplies shop. We also run Heartwood Conferencing – a fantastic venue for meetings, workshops and conferences and have a photographic, audio and video studio.

For us, having Superfast Broadband was always essential. We’d experienced slow speeds and a shared
connection before and knew we needed to have better connectivity to move the business forward.

What benefits have you seen?

We’ve been able to have much better engagement on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and things are really starting to take off. We’re able to effectively run the back office, update our multiple websites more quickly and run our ebay shop more efficiently.

It’s really contributed to the rapid business growth we’ve seen over the last 6 months.
We’ve invested in state of the art technology in our conference centre. Superfast Broadband allows us to get the best out of our investment – we can now easily upload videos to the system and we’ll shortly be introducing video conferencing and webinars. We also offer free Wi-Fi as added value to all our clients keeping them connected throughout their time here.

What difference has it made?

Having fibre broadband has simplified everything. It’s given us the ability to be able to handle the data
flow coming in and going out of the business more effectively. We can also connect all our ideas together.
For example, we’re using the studio to develop content for our courses which we can then deliver in the
conference centre. The technology allows us to be more flexible and more entrepreneurial.
We manage our online shop more easily and importantly, we’ve saved money as our promotional
focus has moved away from costly trade advertising to social media.


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