Sub Zero Technology, Fleckney

Leicestershire based Sub Zero Technology Ltd. is a family business established in 1969. As specialists in the manufacture and distribution of technical outdoor clothing such as fleeces, thermals and base layers to a global market, an online presence and good connectivity is essential. Darrell Laxton, Sales Director at Sub Zero told us more about their move to superfast broadband:

How important is technology to your business?

Technology is hugely important in our market, everything is online now. We have a successful ecommerce store and as over 70% of our business is export we work regularly with our distributors all over the world.

What were the challenges before you got Superfast Broadband?

Our factory and warehouse are based in rural Leicestershire and the connectivity was pretty poor; we
only had copper cable which made even the simplest of tasks laborious. For instance, as soon as the schools broke up and the kids were on holiday our connection slowed to the point where it was useless.

It used to take ages to do anything such and uploading images and documents to the website and emails
would take forever to send – it was pretty awful. We had invested heavily in our online presence but
the slow connection meant updating the site was time consuming and extremely frustrating. It was a very easy process to upgrade, it literally only took a couple of hours. Since then, the connectivity is a
lot better, especially if we all go online at once.

What difference has it made to your business?

It saves time when we’re uploading and downloading files, we can log in now from home or abroad and we can update our website without slowing down the whole system.

The promotional side of the business is a lot better now too as we can upload our photography to a file sharing site more easily and now things are more reliable we’re using more electronic documentation.

What’s next for Sub Zero Technology?

We are constantly developing new products for the market and with these types of products have to work
on development years in advance of a launch. We’re also upgrading our systems and amalgamating all of our manufacturing and office software to be able to work more in the cloud in future which will allow truly remote working.


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