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As a consultancy and full service agency Loughborough based Win Marketing delivers marketing support from both a strategic perspective and at a practical, tactical level. Now celebrating 15 years in business, better connectivity between home and office has transformed the way they work and delivered some efficiencies too. Managing Director Ann Goodwin explains more…

How important is technology to your business?

It’s absolutely vital. We need access to the best technology available to be able to provide a flexible
and responsive service to our clients. We deliver innovative technical solutions for our
customers, for instance: digital marketing and app and web development, as part of a wide range of
marketing activities, so it’s essential we have the right IT infrastructure to support that delivery.

What were the challenges before Superfast Broadband?

My main challenge was remote access to our systems. We regularly conduct market research for clients across continents operating in different time zones. We want to be truly international and for that you need the connectivity wherever you are. We also need to be able to service clients’ websites the
instant any problem occurs. I needed access 24/7 but I didn’t particularly want to be at the office 24/7!
We already had fibre broadband at our Loughborough office but unfortunately not at my home office. I was frequently in the position where I had to travel to the agency because my connection at home was too slow to get onto our server. It was in fact quicker to get in the car and drive to the office than try to work remotely.

What difference has it made?

I finally got Superfast Broadband last summer and it’s made a real difference to the way I work. I can do much more from home with faster connectivity I can access all I need right around the clock.
It also opens up other opportunities – I’ve had a lot of requests to deliver webinars and now I can do them from home as it’s a much quieter environment than the office. It gives me that ability if I want to.

Are there other improvements?

One noticeable impact on the business is that when our servers were due for replacement, instead of
buying expensive new ones, we were able to go cloud based. We wouldn’t have been able to do that before fast broadband as I couldn’t access the cloud reliably. It’s meant less capital outlay in fixed server costs and greater flexibility because we’re now only paying a small amount for data each month. I don’t have to maintain the hardware and I don’t need IT support in the same way.
It’s given me greater reassurance, it’s all in the cloud and I don’t have to worry. The rest of the team can
also work remotely too which gives us greater overall flexibility.


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